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Reiki sessions helpful for improving anxiety, pain and more in cancer patients… studies prove!

When my husband was battling cancer I went out and found a Reiki Healer to come once a week to help him with pain, anxiety and sleep. She also brought her diffuser and essential oils for each session to also assist in calming. This article and studies explain to us the healing benefits of Reiki.

If you know someone that is battling cancer one way to help them would be to treat them to a Reiki session gift pack. DM me for options!

Reiki for Oncology Patients Decreases Anxiety and Pain

A 2011 article in the “American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (R) ” looked at the role of Reiki for oncology patients in the areas of pain, anxiety and overall wellness. The three-year study involved 118 cancer patients who received at least one Reiki session and a subgroup of 22 participants who received the full series of four sessions.

The study found Reiki sessions were helpful for improving:

- Well-being

- Relaxation

- Pain relief

- Quality of sleep

- Anxiety levels

Participants who received all four Reiki sessions for cancer treatments showed the most significant reductions in pain and anxiety, supporting the idea that REIKI PRODUCES CUMULATIVE EFFECTS when a series of treatments are received.

Researchers here concluded, “Offering Reiki therapy in hospitals could respond to patients’ physical and emotional needs.”

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